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Modicarte organises he following courses, for a maximum of 15 participants, as part of the activities held in our workshops, where the arts and crafts of etching and pottery are taught and learnt:

from 1st July to 30th September:

Fine art printing course;

Course in engraving techniques;

Sculpture and pottery course (modelling, decoration, raku).

from September to June:

Modicarte runs courses for children from September to June. The aim is to teach children the secrets of pottery-making while at the same time having fun. We start by preparing the clay and move on to helping the children create fantastic sculptures with their own hands, letting the shapes come out of their own imagination. The pottery course in Modica lasts for one month and consists of two weekly classes of 2 ½ hours each, from 3pm to 5.30pm, on any days from Monday to Friday. An exhibition will be held at the end of the course to display participants’ work. "LET’S MAKE IT TOGETHER" offers personalised pottery courses for children of all ages to guests of the Modicarte Holiday Cottage during their stay.
The cost of the pottery course “LET’S MAKE IT TOGETHER” is € 50.00 including materials, firing and glazes - € 4.00 per hour.


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